AHFA 2016

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I am so proud to have been nominated again for

My collection for this years AHFA Competition is:
COLOURIST: Rachel Vitullo
CUT/STYLE: Joseph Semaan
MAKE-UP: Bec Shannon
STYLIST: Kalli Loukides


  1. purity or intensity of colour.

When light reflects off hair it creates shadows and shine. My inspiration was to find the perfect placement of where shadow and shine hits the hair on each of my models and emphasis it by infusing multiple tones.

I am attracted to tones at its highest level of intensity and applying them to hair. In the preparation for this entry I wanted to combine my attraction of high volume tones to Joseph Semaan’s attraction to bold, strong haircuts. To find our theme for our collection Joseph and I just had to look at our surroundings.

As a colourist I focused more on the sun and its behavior. How it creates a 3D effect as it hits water in the ocean, or how it creates shadows on leafy trees.

From its beautiful rays of yellow submerged by blue as it rises to the amazing pink and orange tones that hug it as it sets at night.

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