AHFA 2015

[tatsu_section padding= “90px 0% 90px 0%”][tatsu_row layout= “1/2+1/2”][tatsu_column layout= “1/2”][special_heading title_align= “center” title_content= “AHFA 2015 Collection” h_tag= “h5” title_color= “” separator_style= “0” icon_name= “” icon_color= “#8c2fe2” separator_color= “#e8e8e8” separator_thickness= “2” separator_width= “40” animation_type= “fadeIn”][/special_heading][tatsu_text max_width= “” wrap_alignment= “center” animation_type= “fadeIn”]– 2015 AHFA Australia’s Creative Colourist Winner –

Here is the collection that I submitted in 2015 to the Australian Hair and Fashion Industry. This collection of colour won me the title of AUSTRALIA’S CREATIVE COLOURIST for 2015.

I am also proud to say that my working colleague, Mr Joseph Semaan won
VICTORIA’S HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR for cutting on this collection.

We are so looking forward to this coming seasons collection… fingers crossed ![/tatsu_text][/tatsu_column][tatsu_column layout= “1/2”][oshine_gallery lightbox_type= “photoswipe” items_per_load= “9” gallery_paginate= “infinite” gutter_style= “style1” gutter_width= “10” initial_load_style= “init-slide-bottom” hover_style= “style1-hover” hover_content_option= “icon” hover_content_color= “” default_image_style= “color” hover_image_style= “black_white” image_effect= “zoom-in” overlay_color= “” gradient_color= “rgba(244,244,244,0.05)” gradient_direction= “right” like_button= “1” image_source= “selected” account_name= “AHFA 2015” count= “10” ids= “15,16,17,19,18,14” columns= “two”][/oshine_gallery][/tatsu_column][/tatsu_row][/tatsu_section]